what will your EXPERIENCE INCLUDE?

Welcome Area

Before Your Shoot

Set up by Mark and Mardie in the mid-eighties, our studio is reputed as one of the best and most trusted places to go for creative portraiture. Once you are booked in, we'll send you a brochure which will give some tips on what to bring with you, details of parking and if you aren't familiar with the area some ideas of where to eat and what to see. So that you get as much out of your experience as possible we will call you a couple of days before your shoot to answer any questions that you have, see what you may be bringing along and what clothes you plan to wear. We're a creative bunch - we've even got awards to prove it - so we can offer advice on getting the most out of your experience. Check out our welcome brochure for more details on what to expect.

In the Studio

During Your Shoot

We want your photography session with us to be something you'll remember forever - almost certainly you will never have experienced anything quite like this before! Mark will capture your personalities and all the little things that make you, you. He is fantastic at bringing people of all ages out of their shells and will make sure you truly get the most out of your shoot. He loves individuality and a creative challenge so if you've got ideas of your own, we'd love to hear them - don't be afraid to speak up and we will do everything we can to ensure the photos we produce are exactly what you were hoping for and more.

Preview Suite

After Your Shoot

This is when the magic happens behind the scenes. Mark spends many hours editing, retouching and creating bespoke pieces of art for your to come back and view. On average he will individually retouch about 40 images for you to see. When you come in for your preview your pictures will be projected onto the wall, and you'll have the chance to fall in love with your photos and choose your favourites. Our clients are always amazed at how wonderful their portraits are, and we have a box of tissues on hand just in case! Whether you're a fan of the natural look, black and white or bold and beautiful, we will help you design something truly personal to you and show you all the options so you can make an informed decision.

Finished Product

The Finished Product

We have sourced a fantastic range of hand finished products, so we are confident that what we craft for you will be the best you can find. Obviously the images are the most important thing, but how they are presented is vital, and our products are designed to show them off to their very best.  Whether you prefer something classic or cutting edge there is an option to suit everyone and we know they will be on your walls for years to come. Now look at the FAQs page for more information and guidance on product and prices.


Who will you meetDuring your experience?

Mark and Mardie Palmer

These two have been in the business for almost 30 years. They're here to ensure each and every one of their customers gets the very best from their experience. Mark is quite used to bringing people of all ages out of their shells and helping you to get the most out of your hour of magic. He has returned to the studio with so much energy and enthusiasm that he is loving every minute of it. For the best part of 30 years he has been a leading figure in the UK portrait industry and has always been know to set trends rather than follow them. He specialises in stunning portraiture, both in the studio and on location. Their commitment to excellence and individuality is uppermost in their minds, so every session is carefully planned around you.

Robert Palmer
Studio Manager

Responsible for the day to day running of the studio he knows the business inside out and will help you make informed decisions when choosing your finished images and products. 



This cheeky chappy pops up in all sorts of unexpected places, so keep an eye out for his friendly face - particularly on our social media pages.

We want your experience with Mark Palmer Photography to be one that you'll always remember.

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