frequently asked QUESTIONS

How much will my Portraits cost?

We've learned a lot over the past thirty years, and we know that what most people want is excellent value for money, so what we have sourced is the best possible quality products at a reasonable cost. We have never offered unframed pictures - floppy bits of paper in horrible card folders is not what we do - we want you to have something we are proud of and that you will enjoy for many years to come and pass on to the next generation. Everything is either framed or in the form of an album, be it digital or printed. Whatever you choose, big or small, is fully retouched by Mark before being printed and framed. Prices start at £95 for a 7" x 5" image in a simple black frame and go up to over a £1,000 for our wonderful wall sets. We also offer the opportunity to spread out the payments of your order using our flexible payment plans.   

Who can come to the Session?

We have a large studio and being situated in rural Suffolk we are used to all sorts of pets and animals. Bring along all your family, grandparents, in-laws, dogs, cats, chickens - the more the merrier!

What happens if I need to cancel my Session?

We will always make sure that the appointment you book with us fits in with the hectic life we all lead, so is good for all of you. If something does crop up we do ask for 5 days notice so that we have the opportunity to rebook the appointment. If you can't give us that we do charge a £50 cancellation fee. However, if you ring and we reschedule your session immediately that fee is normally always waived.

How do I view my Portraits?

Most people think the viewing is the best bit of the whole experience. After your session you book an appointment to come back to the studio (usually about a week later) and your images are projected onto a large screen which gives you the chance to choose your favourites and decide on the best products to suit you and them. We don't view online - it's vitally important you can see the pictures together with all the products and frames to make sure you make the right decisions.

What happens if we don't like the pictures or don't want to buy anything?

We have never been in the business of hard selling, which is why we're still here after 30 years! You won't be put under any pressure to buy images you don't like or want, and that's a promise!

There are lots of Photographers out there, why come to Mark Palmer Photography?

Primarily because we have both experience and a real passion for outstanding portraiture. When we started in a converted barn all those years ago we decided to produce beautiful portraits that we would want to hang on our walls, and we still strive to do that for every client. Mark has been a leader in the portrait industry since the 1980s and any photographer we employ has to live up to his very high expectations - it's our name above the door! We have sourced all our products ourselves so know their quality (all are hand made in Britain), we pride ourselves on excellent service and being a small family-run business we know it's run with integrity and honesty.